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Video from iMug's March Meeting

Who says technology can't make you fitter? Exercising more, Getting Healthier, and Enjoying life

Presenter: Anthony Caruana - Technology writer and past iMug President
Blog: Run and Lift

Technology writer and past iMug President Anthony Caruana has, over the last two years used a number of apps and devices to change his lifestyle. In January 2013, he weighed close to 110kg and couldn't jog for more than 30 seconds without needing to stop. Today, over 20kg lighter he has run from Dromana to Cape Schank (over Arthurs Seat), completed several half marathons and is preparing for his first full marathon.

One of the key tools in making this journey has been technology. Anthony walked us through the apps and hardware he has used, telling us about the successes and failures as well as what the future of health technology might hold.

Next iMug Monthly Meeting—
Tuesday 28 April 2015

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm, refreshments from 6:15pm
Venue: The Library at The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands Vic 3008, Melbourne. The Library is 50 meters from the end of Tram Lines 11 and 48. Street parking is also available. See map and directions. This new facility has a state-of-the-art presentation room with full AV capabilities and a robust internet connection providing NBN speeds.

On the way down: Blockbusters, Borders...Moving Up: Netflix, Apple, Bookworld Staying relevant in a rapidly changing technology landscape

Presenter: James Webber, CEO Bookworld

Blockbuster. Borders. Nokia. Motorola. Kodak. The list of large scale corporate failures has been long in recent times. Brands that held strong market leadership positions for decades are on their last legs or gone altogether. In their place have risen the new stars - Netflix, Amazon, Samsung and Apple - with new modern business models and service delivery methods.

In the end these big guys failed because they all eventually became irrelevant in their marketplaces and their customers decided to buy better offers elsewhere. It didn't happen overnight. But neither did the rise of the competitors who ultimately destroyed them.

Why didn't they act sooner and make the changes necessary to protect themselves? Why did they sit back and allow these upstarts to grow and eventually usurp them? Why didn't they use their significant resources to develop and implement the 'next big thing' themselves?

Why? Because it's hard to 'pivot' when you're managing a business that is going well. It's even harder to spend money on activities now that, in the future, may cannibalise your existing profitable core business. It's a lot more comfortable keeping your head down and staying focused on keeping the gravy train moving along and believing that the market minnows will fail and your own position is unassailable. (See full article by Paul Breen: The Importance of Relevancy)

"Bookworld: an Unexpected Journey" will take you through what happened to Borders Australia and how Bookworld became Australia's largest online book retailer in just over 2 years. The book retail industry has been highly impacted by digital disruption. Bookworld focused on their value proposition to define how they could provide the best experience possible, and in only 2 years has managed to become Australia's largest online bookstore.

  • Leveraging your core assets to create differentiation
  • Building your CVP
  • Breaking into the hearts and minds of consumers
  • Acquisition and retention strategies
  • Taking on the big guys

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